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    Federal Acquisition Regulation

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    For the Def. Acquisition Regulatory Council and Civilian Agency Acquisition council what is the membership and chairperson and how do they contribute to the FAR revision process?

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    The current Chairperson of the Defense Acquisition Regulatory Council is Ms. Linda Neilson, Deputy Director to the Director, Defense Procurement and Acquisition Policy, for the Defense Acquisition Regulations System. The council is comprised 14 members, including the Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson, along with two representatives each from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Defense Contract Management Agency, Defense Logistics Agency, and NASA.

    The current chairperson of the Civilian Agency Acquisition council is Al Matera, of the General Services Administration. The council is comprised 19 members, including the Chairperson and Vice-Chair, along ...

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    The solution provides a concise picture based on available resources of the roles of the current Defense Acquisition Regulatory Council & Civilian Agency Acquisition in relation to the Federal Acquisition Regulation or FAR process. A database of personnel of each agencies including leadership is attached with this solution.