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    Final Proposal under Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

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    Prepare a response on the US Government's Request for Final Proposal under Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 15.307.

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    The US Government's Request for Final Proposal under Federal Acquisition Regulation 15.307 is related to proposal revisions. In (a), it holds that if an offerer's proposal is eliminated or otherwise removed from competitive range no further revisions to that proposal will be accepted or considered. In (b) 15.307 holds that the contracting officer may request proposal revisions or allow proposal revisions to clarify and document understandings reached during negotiations (1). When the negotiations have concluded each offerer in the competitive range shall be allowed final revisions. The contracting officer will set the deadline for the final proposals, require that the revisions be made in writing, and that the Government intends making award without obtaining further revisions.

    A request for final proposal is an offer submitted to the government in a competitive negotiated procurement after discussions have been completed. The government requests such proposal revisions from all offerers who are still in the competitive stage. Now according to Federal Acquisition Regulation 15.307 the offerers in the competitive range may be given several opportunities to give proposal revisions. When negotiations are completed with all offerers, those who are within the competitive range shall be given an opportunity to submit a final proposal revision. Only under unavoidable circumstances are second and subsequent requests for final proposal revisions requested.

    The procuring contracting officer should review the request for final proposal revisions. He will check if the terms and conditions are clear and unambiguous, mandatory clauses and provisions are added, and regulatory compliance is ensured. The regulation states that the procuring contracting officer or any other government officer will not indulge in any behavior prohibited in FAR 15.306 (e). That is the government officials are prohibited from furnishing source selection information, revealing an offerer's price without the offerer's permission, disclosing the technical solution of another party, and revealing the source of past performance information (2).

    Negotiations or discussions are to be held ...

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