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    Determining Acquisition Method and Contract Type

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    Bob knew there were many potential training sources in the Washington, DC Metro area. There were several incumbent training contractors currently supporting the Requiring Activity-but these companies were generally technical support contractors who performed part-time training based on specific tasking from the NSA program offices.
    Betty Madison just got out of a management meeting where the dismal state of their budget was the principle topic. She gave Bob the bad news. "We don't have a lot of money to do this training course, Bob, but we must get this requirement on contract by the end of the month. You will need to come up with an acquisition strategy to include contract type that will encourage efficient funds management and will motivate the contractor to watch the bottom line.
    For the upcoming effort, Bob wanted to ensure that professional training and education firms with innovative ideas and state-of-art technology/training approaches would be interested in participating in the competition due to a recent Inspector General report that stated current courses lacked the quality of instruction required for NSA field officers. The competitors would need to be familiar with federal acquisitions and Bob would prefer to have instructors who had experience with managing contract efforts. Security clearances were another important issue. Whoever won the contract would need to have Top Secret cleared instructors, either before or shortly after contract award, due to the nature of and locations for the training.


    You are the contracting officer for this acquisition and need to develop a viable procurement strategy. As you determine the contract type and method of acquisition keep in mind some concerns and limitations:

    1. They have an aggressive schedule;
    2. Limited funds; and,
    3. A need for quality because of the IG report.

    Address the following questions in your discussions. Be prepared to brief the rest of the class on your recommendations including rationale behind them.

    1. What acquisition method will you use? Why?
    2. What are the key risk areas of the effort?
    3. What contract type would motivate the contractor to achieve excellence and manage funds wisely? Why?

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    With the NSA program requiring on time aggressive schedule to conduct training courses in the Agency, a good procurement strategy needs to be developed; one which will be able to ensure that the Agencies goals and needs and properly met. The management in the Agency is faced with a tight budget that they can use for the training, but they also require that the training be of high quality, innovative, with up current state of art training approaches and performance results that can be seen and measurable in order to dispel any fears or doubts created by the recent Inspector General reports which showed that current training were substandard and lacked the high quality required for the NSA field officers. This paper therefore evaluates the acquisition type and the contract type that is best in this case scenario.

    Acquisition method to be used:

    The acquisition method that would be most preferable in this case scenario is the acquisition through negotiations. Acquisitions through negotiations are most suitable as through this any type of contract that will promote the best interest of the NSA agency can be widely evaluate. Besides with the limited and aggressive schedule that the Agency is under, it would not be able to effectively give out enough time for acquisitions through sealed bidding since in such acquisitions enough time has to be permitted to receive such sealed biddings. In contracting through negotiation, the Agency can be able to set the schedule for the acquisition of services; they would also be able to hold negotiations with offers.

    In this type of contracting, first and foremost a Request for ...

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