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    Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR): MR

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    Engelbeck points out that government buyers have not traditionally done market research. Explain how and why that has changed in recent years.

    Explain how the FAR has been revised in recent years to accommodate more effective communications between the government buyer and the seller.

    Explain the term "bundling" as used in FAR 7.3. Present an argument for or against the need for all three types of bundling specified.

    See reference:
    Engelbeck, R. Marshall. Acquisition management. Management Concepts Inc, 2001.
    Speculate on how a contractor could abuse the bundling provisions in the FAR. Suggest what the signs of such abuse might be.

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    Step 1
    During recent years market research has become important of acquisition planning. It is vital for intellectual property, carrying out negotiations successfully, managing variances to contract baseline, requirements determination, and strategic agreements. Market research has become important for determining requirements and identifying potential risks and opportunities. Currently, market research is required to identify the sources within the industry that can provide the required goods and services. It helps ascertain requirements. It is necessary to identify the most suitable supplier, product, or service available. Government buyers are now required to carry out market research to develop an acquisition plan, finalizing and issuing solicitations, assessing proposals, and awarding the contract.

    Step 2
    FAR has been revised in recent years to allow continuous communications between the government buyers and the sellers. The buyer must establish a communications protocol and maintaining an effective feedback process within the entire integrated acquisition team. The ...

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