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Responsibilities of Contracting Officer

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Identify the contracting officer's responsibilities to ensure safety on the construction site. (FAR 52.236-13). FAR is Federal Acquisition Regulation.

Using the FAIR model, outline the topic's Main Points, Facts, Assumptions, Issues, and Recommendations.

4 pages with references.

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The solution of 786 words provides responsibilities of Contracting Officer in ensuring safety at construction site. References used are included.

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Main Points
Contracting Officers are authorized agents of U.S. Government who deals with contractors on its behalf and has sole authority to solicit proposals, negotiate, award, administer, modify or terminate contracts and present their finding to the government. Requirements Office request Contracting Officers to perform their duties who in turn rely on the office for technical advice on acquisition of supplies or services. Contracting Officers must ensure that contract is awarded only to prospective contractors. Contracting Officers are also responsible for taking care of health and safety of personnel performing work. In this regard they establish the necessary safety precautions and develop and implement safety plan for sites and jobs.
According to Federal Acquisition Regulation a contract cannot be awarded unless the Contracting Officer makes an affirmative determination of prospective contractor's responsibility. If the Contracting Officer cannot determine if the contractor is responsible because of lack of information, he determines the non-responsibility.
There is a clause in Federal Acquisition Regulation, 52.236-13 for Accident Prevention. Under this clause it is the responsibility of Contracting Officer to provide and maintain work environments and procedures which will ("Federal ...

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