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    Raytheon Code of Conduct

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    Hello Hatim not sure if you got my last message or not but i need your help with another assignment. We can use the same toy company as the previous assignments but we have to change it to selling something to the US Government like bullet proof vest, assualt rifles, bullets, computers, or anything the US goverment will buy. The assignment is the following:

    Refer the following resources to complete this assignment:
    Note: The assignments are a series of papers that build upon one another.
    Raytheon's code of conduct

    Examples of Procurement Fraud

    The recent emphasis on ethics in government contracting requires contractors to avoid any conduct that even appears to be unethical. Imagine you are a former contracting officer (CO) turned contractor (you choose your area of expertise) and you just created a new contracting firm.

    Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:
    Provide an explanation of the specific goods and / or services the new contracting firm will provide.
    Evaluate the Raytheon Code of Ethics as to whether it is effective in avoiding any conduct that even appears to be unethical in the type of organization you selected for your product.
    Determine the three (3) most critical clauses in the Raytheon document that aid the company's avoidance of the appearance of impropriety.
    Determine two (2) additional ethics provision that you would include in your company's Code of Conduct document based on Raytheon Code of Ethics. Explain the rationale for the inclusion.
    Analyze how your recommended clause sufficiently closes the gap on one (1) potential major ethical breach in the industry to which your product belongs. Note: Be sure to address any areas of concern regarding potential fraud in the contracting process.
    Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

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    The product that my company will sell is bullet proof vests. The vests will be made from top quality ceramic fibers and will have super light weight ceramic plates woven in them. The bullet proof vests will be not only provide protection from rifle rounds but will also provide protection from stab and slash attacks from knives and swords. The bullet proof vests will be sold to the US military and may be worn by combat troops.

    The Raytheon Code of conduct lays down the normal ethical behavior that is required for any supplier to the US Military. However, it is ineffective in avoiding conduct that may appear to be unethical in the US Army. I intend to sell my bullet proof vests to the US Army. The problem with the Raytheon Code is that it gives broad and sweeping guidance to the company workers, directors, and officers. It also addresses suppliers, consultants, representatives, and agents. The code asks the people to maintain integrity, commitment, and excellence. These are general and sweeping statements. They do not reach the specifics of the types of fraud that are possible during purchase. The employees of Raytheon have been asked to develop a culture of ethical behavior. They have been asked to understand and comply with the code, seek advice from company resources, report misconduct, and cooperate with investigation. Similarly, the "leaders" have been given a list of "responsibilities". The Raytheon Code makes a lot of general statements but do not come to the specifics (1). For example, the code asks the employees to treat people with respect, dignity, and comply with laws/regulations. The code asks employees to show respect for human rights, ensuring a safe workplace, and maintain financial integrity. It asks the ...

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