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Project Management and Government Acquisition

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1. The contracting officer is responsible for selecting and negotiating appropriate contract types. What factors should the contracting officer consider when selecting and negotiating contract type?

2. Conducting market research is a vital part of the acquisition and contracting pre and post award process. To what extent should market research be conducted? What does market research involve? What information should be included in market research?

3. Acquisition planning is mandatory when procuring goods and services for the federal government. At what point in the acquisition process should acquisition planning begin? What information should be included in a written acquisition plan? At what point should the planner coordinate the acquisition plan or strategy with the small business specialist?

4. Distinguish between personal and non-personal service contracts and services.

5. When the government provides government furnished property and require contractors to acquire property as a part of a contract, does the title vest with the government or contractor? How does title to property differ when using fixed price and cost reimbursement type contracts?

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This response looks at project management protocols within government contractual agreements and acquisitions.

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1. Try and think of the factors in selecting and negotiating homes on primarily core protocols to the needs of the contractual project initiatives. The selection is on key requirements for the vendor to have, assuring proper completion within a timely manner. Hence, negotiation is imperative for a final conclusion in reaching a desired outcome that is fair and within balance of contractual project specification.

2. Consider market research as vital for sufficient project design to assure that a finished component or service is up to par with the designated scope. In doing so, the market research is essential in making up the project protocol details, as well as sufficient ...

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