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Person Responsible for IT acquisition projects

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A frequent occurrence is for an IT acquisition project that is behind schedule and over budget to continue out of control until the costs become intolerable or some other event causes it to end, resulting in much waste of resources with few or no benefits.

Your Question. Your question has three parts.

(a) In general, 'who' is, or should be, responsible for (i) monitoring the performance of IT acquisition projects and (ii) taking action that may result in canceling the project?

(b) If the answer in (a) is anything other than one person, using a verbal or simple graphic explanation, what process would you recommend be put in place for project review that would make decisions such as in part A above?

(c) How would the process you recommend compare with that of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission?

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// IT acquisition requires huge amount of money and resources to invest for making the project feasible and successful in future. In the below section, we will be discussing about the scenario of IT acquisition in which we will study that who is responsible for monitoring the performance and cancellation of IT acquisition project.//

In the dynamic environment of business, the need of information technology has increased, which requires specialised knowledge and skills to handle the risk arising from the use of various information systems. An IT acquisition occurs to give support and additional benefits to the company which acquires it from other companies. The IT acquisitions can be hostile or friendly to use information resources of each other. An acquisition is done in the watch of certain regulatory bodies, which helps the company's top management to complete all the legal formalities. The IT acquisition involves various parties, like Chief Information Officer, program managers, agency boards, and acquisition teams, which all are responsible from planning to actual acquisition of information technology (Daughtrey, 2002).

With the acquisition of information technology by the company, size, scope and complexities increase, which requires constant review of project implementation.

There are various people responsible for acquisition of information technology but the two most important people are Chief Information Officer and Project Manager. The CIO (Chief Information Officer) acts as guide to various information-sources agencies and top management personnel. His functions involve planning related ...

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A person which is responsible for IT acquisition projects are examined. The response addresses the queries posted in 919 words with references.

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