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Interviewee Selection Criteria and Process

I have selected two interviewees for the topic: "The Future of Global IT Project Management for my small-scale qualitative project. I have chosen this topic because I managed global projects for the Boeing Company for many years and it is still of great interest to me.

In two paragraphs, summarize the process by which you selected your topic and your interviewees, and provide a brief rationale for why you have chosen this topic and these interviewees.

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This topic is important because it involves exceptional leadership skills, high degree of team synergies irrespective of location, have clear team goals, have respect for each team member, and ensure top class coordination. The Future of Global IT Project Management also provides exposure to cutting edge information technology. I feel that in future Global IT Project Management will become increasingly important for growth of ...

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The answer to this problem explains exceptional leadership skills . Two references related to the answer are also included.