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Six Steps of the Employee Selection Process

Discuss the 6 steps of the Employee Selection Process
1) Preliminary screening application and interview
2) Employment interview
3) Employment tests
4) Reference check and Recommendations
5) Selection decision
6) Physical examination

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Details on each of the six steps of the employee selection process are as follows:

1. Preliminary screening application and interview:

Prior to this step, you should have created a detailed job description (or obtained one from your HR department) that outlines the job duties and job specifications that will help guide the rest of the selection process.

Develop a rubric for rating applications.

Review applications based on the rating rubric and weed out those that do not meet the minimum qualifications for the assignment.

Review relevant federal, state and/or local labor laws as well as the rules and regulations of your particular organization as it pertains to interview questions, hiring policy, etc.

Prepare interview questions that will best assess candidate's suitability for the job.

2. Employment interview:

The interview gives employers an opportunity to find out about the candidates' background, experience and suitability for the specific job.

Assemble an interview panel (i.e. HR ...

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The employee hiring process includes six steps, all of which are important so the hiring manager/HR professional makes the right selection of employee for the organization. This 614-word step-by-step solution provides detailed information on what each of the six steps should include and why, and also includes web addresses where more information can be accessed and used for in-text citations and references.