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    Human Resources Hiring and Selection Process

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    The student asked for help in listing and discussing steps in the selection process. Recruitment and selection is often customed to each position and more broadly - by each organization. However, most organizations have a pre-screening process, to either keep or retain possible candidates based on job requirements. If candidates "pass" this step, most will move on to some form of interview (via phone or in person). Skills testing or other job specific assessments may occur next, with the final step being selection of the candidate. This solution walks through a typical recruitment process and includes over 300 words.

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    The selection process of a new employee will vary greatly depending on the type of position.

    First, there is usually a "pre-screening" application phase where candidates apply for a position via an electronic submission on the organization's website, submitting a resume via email, fax or "snail" mail or filling out a "traditional paper" application. Firms with pre-screening software will request the criteria a candidate's resume must match in order be to considered "viable" for the next phase. Other firms ...

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    The selection process for hiring a new employee may vary greatly depending on the type of position; generally there are four common steps: pre-screening, interview, skill assessment or some form of aptitude testing and final selection. This solution is over 300 words and thoroughly discusses these typical steps in hiring a new employee. Examples are provided for each step to address the importance and sequential order in selection and hiring.