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    HR: Developing a Selection Process for Hiring

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    Develop a selection process for one of the following jobs.

    - Bank Teller
    - Retail Store Cashier is selected
    - Telephone Customer Service Representative
    - Human Resource Manager
    - Waiter or Waitress

    This assignment will have two parts. The first part is associated with this unit, and the second part is associated with the second unit. For this assignment, use the course materials, resources, and the Library to begin the development of a selection process for the position you chose. For this part of the assignment, your selection process should include the following components:

    - Selection of the Job Analysis Method to be used and your rationale for its selection
    - Job Description for that position
    - List of Job Specifications
    - A List of the Resources Cited

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    Retail Store Cashier

    I. Selection of the Job Analysis Method to be used and your rationale for its selection

    The interview method is an effective method for positions such as this. Both the supervisors and those being interviewed have opportunities to ask open-ended questions to determine if the position and the individual are properly suited for each other.

    Position Analysis Questionnaire model is also a possibility if the position requires a more in-depth look into an applicant's character. It consists of 195 job elements that describe generic human work behaviors.

    II. Job Description for that position

    A retail store cashier is responsible for ...

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