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Human Resource Management

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Today, recruiting and selecting employees is big business, and many organizations outsource aspects of these foundational HR processes to firms that specialize in them. One of the biggest players in employee selection is DDI (Development Dimensions International: http://www.ddiworld.com/pdf/ddi_roiofselection_wp.pdf

In this mod 1 case, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to follow Bernthal's approach to calculating the ROI for selection systems in addressing this question:

How can your organization improve the ROI on its selection system?

Please prepare a paper, not including cover and reference page, double spaced, 1" margins, that should look something like this:
1. Introduction - description of your organization and its current selection systems (1 page) (NOTE: Focus exclusively on the selection system, not on recruitment. Recruitment is the focus of the SLP.)
2. Analysis of direct and indirect costs associated with the current selection system(s) (2 pages)
3. Strategy to reduce direct & indirect costs, and the estimated ROI of the revised selection system (clarify assumptions you make - 1-2 pp.)
4. Process needed to implement (i.e. steps, resources, people - 1 page)
Although it is fine to make some educated guesses and approximations in this case just as Bernthal did in his white paper, you will benefit greatly by interviewing your HR manager or personnel director (if that's not you!) to learn about the nature of recruiting and selection processes in your organization. (For example, government organizations often have quite extensive information on their websites regarding selection procedures.)

? Draw upon the sources in the background materials to guide your work, and reference any sources that you use in your work (at least FOUR, please).
? Use headings and subheadings to clearly show the structure of your analysis.
? Be sure to include a cover page and reference page, in addition to the pages of analysis described above.

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Selection System and Return on Investment


Recruitment and selection process are the basic human resource management processes. Every organization operating in the business environment has to manage its recruitment and selection processes in an optimum manner. The organization considered for the study provides FMCG products to the customers present in the market. The company manufactures FMCG products as per the requirements of the customers. The company provides a good working environment to the employees and manages its operations effectively in the competitive market place (Schmitt & Chan, 1998).

The organization's human resource comprises of 1000 employees including the top management. Out of the big human resource, 50 employees leave the organization every year. The selection system of an organization should be in conformity with its requirements. The organization should consider the factors, such as job analysis and job specification, while developing the selection system. Mainly, it is focused on evaluating the qualifications, knowledge and skills of an applicant regarding suitability for the job (Cooper, Robertson & Tinline, 2003).

Current Selection System

The current selection system of the organization is based on the organizational culture and mainly focuses on team work. It focuses on the organization's strategy for considering the goals and objectives. On the basis of the concept of competency modeling, job description and job specification are well defined by the HR managers after studying the job analysis. It assists the job applicants in giving their presentation according to the requirements of the organization. The organization utilizes different methods of selection, such as selection tests and interviews for selecting the best candidate out of the job applicants. The selection process is based on the following standards, which are reliability, validity, utility and legality. It involves a huge expense on the selection process (Schmitt & Chan, 1998).

Direct and Indirect Costs

The present selection process of the organization is expensive and involves a large expense on the direct and indirect costs. Therefore, it is essential for the organization to analyze ...

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