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    The Recruitment and Selection Process

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    You are working in the Human Resources Department. You are talking with some friends about your job and what you have learned. Share with them the importance of a good hire. Talk about all that is involved in the recruitment and selection process, including the hard dollars (i.e., dollars spent for ads and agencies) and the soft dollars (i.e., money spent in people's time and salary to interview and sign-up for benefits).

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    I find my job in the Human Resources Department interesting, challenging and rewarding. The job entails hiring and recruiting prospective candidates by administering examinations, interviewing applicants, and providing the best possible working environment conducive to task efficiency and affectivity at a minimal cost to the company. Some of the skills that are required for the job are short listing candidates for the available job positions. Aside from this, the candidates need to be interviewed so that the company knows how suitable they are in performing the tasks in the company and in many other factors. Once new employees are hired, it is the one of the responsibilities of the Human Resources department to make them integrate their work with the well-organized culture of the company. Sometimes newly hired employees bring their old work ethics into the new office in the new company thereby finding themselves at odd with the existing atmosphere of the new company. It is imperative that the new employees must be able to assimilate their qualities and show an attitude of one who is willing to perform better because they are already part of the team. A good hire is very essential as the most valuable asset in any organization is its people. The quality of the workforce determines the company's reputation and its growth strategies. If there was a mistake in hiring, and it was recognized after six months, the cost of replacing that employee can be very costly to the company due to the expenses, time and effort that have been spent in the hiring, and training of the employee who is leaving and the one who is ...

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    The solution discusses the things involved in the recruitment and selection process including the hard and soft dollars. References are included in this 1,011 word response.