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Challenges in staffing

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This solution analyzes/ explains the following questions from Shafique’s article regarding:
1. Identify and analyze the challenges in staffing, especially with regards to personnel selection practices.
2. Identify the best approaches to successful recruitment.

Recruitment in the 21st Century
By Owais Shafique (Corresponding author)
Department of Management Sciences, The Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan.
ijcrb.webs.com, Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Research in Business


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Solution Summary

This solution provides an overview of an article related to Recruitment in the 21st Century by Shafique. Throughout this solution, information is examined regarding the challenges associated with recruitment. The following questions are thoroughly analyzed:

1. Identify and analyze the challenges in staffing, especially with regards to personnel selection practices.
2. Identify the best approaches to successful recruitment.

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Recruitment practices, regardless of organizational type or size, are essential to the success of a business. Poor recruiting practices can lead to many challenges including, but not limited to: turnover, increased onboarding cost, organizational cultural issues, decreased morale, etc.
Unfortunately, recruiting/ staffing/ personnel selection is not as simple of a task as many individuals believe. The process of recruiting is difficult and there are a number of tasks that go into solid recruiting techniques. Below, I am identifying and analyzing the various challenges associated with staffing, especially in regards to personnel selection. In addition to outlining this information, I am also providing detailed information about the importance of these factor considerations during the staffing process. Before beginning, I recommend reading this sentence, as it summarizes the challenges associated with recruiting, “Ideally recruitment should not simply be a question of filling gaps, instead should be proactively focused on bringing the specific kind of skills and experiences in the organization especially those which cannot be built from within” (Shafique 2012). Additionally, if you’re writing a summary of the information I providing, I highly recommend citing this short sentence, ““Ask leaders what their biggest challenge is, and you get the same answer: finding attracting and keeping talented people. Ask talented people that what their biggest career challenge is and you will hear the same refrain: finding good people to work with - and to work for.” (Holbeche 2004 as cited in Shafique 2012). It is important to note that a bulk of this article relates to staffing using online methods. While ...

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