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Food and Beverage Management: What are FOH and BOH Job Functions

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1. What are FOH and BOH job functions? What are differences and similarities between FOH and BOH employees? What effect do these differences and similarities have on managing a food and beverage operation?

2. What are at least five different staffing challenges specific to a food and beverage operation? What are effects of these challenges? Recommend a course of action managers may take to overcome these challenges.

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This solution discusses the major differences between the FOH and BOH jobs in approximately 500 words.

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Food And Beverage Management

The job functions of an FOH involve maintaining a positive guest relation at all times while promptly anticipating and responding to a guest's need. This involves resolving a guest's complaint and ensuring that the guests are satisfied at all times. FOH also works as a manager on duty by supervising front of house restaurant operations. Moreover, he/she inspects plans and ensures that all materials, equipment, service wares and facilities are always ready at all times. In addition to that, he/she also oversees that all duties and work are distributed, not forgetting that they also monitor the status of food and beverage orders ensuring that they are delivered to their intended destination at the designated time. Reviewing assignment status and following an on-coming manager's actions is also the duty of an FOH. Finally, they also offer training assistance when ...

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