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Importance of Atmosphere/FOH/BOH

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1. An establishment's appearence is very important. How about their atmosphere? How can you as a manager create and atmosphere were customers keep coming back?

2. Who is more important the FOH or the BOH and why?

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This solution discusses the importance of atmosphere in an establishment, and how to create an atmosphere to encourage repeat business. In addition, it discusses which is more important front of the house (FOH) or back of the house (BOH) for repeat business. It includes examples and a link.

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An establishment's appearance and atmosphere are both very important. It is key to creating return customers. For instance, if a restaurant is too noisy it is not conducive to business meetings, romantic dinners, or senior citizen's dining. Too quiet can lead to a restaurant that feels cold and uninviting. In order to strike the right compromise it is important to first determine your target customers. If you are interested in attracting the business customer it would be key to have quick service, good ...

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