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Food and Beverage Management: Teamwork with Diverse Cultures

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1. Every operation talks about team work and in theory it sounds great. But how do you really get people of different backgrounds and cultures to work together for the benefit of the company? Some operations use incentives but that does not always work.

2 "The effect FOH and BOH difference and similarities has the established are to profit , return of guest and the reputation. The better experience the guest is has the more likely they will return and return with friends or tell friends about the establishment. Therefore creating a great reputation for the establishment and with the establishment guest, in also brings in a profit" If nothing else both the FOH and BOH are there to provide quality food, great guest service in a friendly atmosphere so that the restaurant can make money. That is why they are in business!

How do you get the employees to buy into this?

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The best way to get people to engage in teamwork is to convince the employees it is in their best interests to work together. Some companies do this by going on retreats and doing "challenge" activities like trust falls and bridge building. Other companies send in motivational speakers from sports and the military, typically, to exude on the benefits of working together. The lowest cost, most efficient way however is to make team work a part of corporate culture from the very beginning. This starts with treating each employee as part of the team, and as such, possessing valuable skills and ...

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This solution discusses how to get people of different backgrounds and cultures to work together for the benefit of the company, and also discusses how to get employees to buy into the need for an establishment to focus on profit, guest returns, and reputation. It includes examples.