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Budget food and beverage sales revenue

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Calculate the total budget food sales revenue and beverage sales revenue for the month of August. This August has four Sundays.
A dining room has 66 seats, and is open 6 days a week for lunch and dinner (closed on Sundays). Beverage sales revenue normally averages 15% of lunch food sales revenue and 32% of dinner food sales revenue.
Management has forcasted the following totals:
Lunch Turnover: 1.75 Average Sales 12.95
Dinner Turnover 2.75 Average Sales 16.95

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Lunch turnover: 1.75 with 66 seats = 115.5 sales at an average sales of $12.95 = $1,495.73 per ...

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The calculation shows revenue gained from lunch and dinner by selling foods and beverages based on forecasted sales volume.