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Management style in the food and beverage operations

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Impact of Management Style

Describe the impact of a manager's actions on a food and beverage operation.

List 7 situations in which a manager's actions either indirectly or directly affect a guest's dining experience.

Describe the impact of your selected actions on the profitability of a food and beverage operation.

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Solution Summary

A discussion of how a management style can impact a food and beverage operation. Also a discussion on manager's impact on guest and their dining experience.

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The manager is required to not only run the operation, but also to make sure it is properly staffed, supplies and food and beverages kept in stock, and to make sure the laws and rules of running a food and beverage establishment are met. So to say the manager is the one through whom all actions are guided and monitored is the biggest impact they can make on the operation.

1) Staffing of servers and kitchen help: important to guests because it is important to be waited on and served promptly and if either area is understaffed, then this will not happen
2) Proper ordering of food and supplies: Without this, many people will not be able to order what ...

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