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Facilities Management and Design in Hospitality and Tourism

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What are the site characteristics an architect must investigate before designing a hotel or resort property? What are some of the design criteria for food and beverage outlets? Be sure to use hotel and design specific references with regards to characteristics.

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Facilities Management and Design:

The hotel industry is one of the sectors boosting the economy of many nations. To keep the operations of the hotel or resort properly running smoothly, architecture has to investigate the site of the hotel prior to designing. The design of the resort property should be put into consideration to avoid any security issues that might lead to loss of property. This will enable the hotel to provide a surrounding that provides healthful relaxations and rest. The design that will be created before hand should be one that will be rewarding to the hotel owner and captivating and attractive for the customers (Hotel Interior, n.d).

The site characteristics that an architect must investigate ...

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