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The CVB, Tourism Commission and the Hospitality Industry

Discuss the role of a convention and visitors' bureau (CVB) and the tourism commissions in the hospitality industry.

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The primary role of a Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) is to make sure that meetings and conventions for visitors are successful. The CVB coordinates special events by performing everything that is needed to ensure the success of the events. Some of the duties that this bureau performs are site selection, provision of information about speakers, themed presentations, tours, provision of sleeping rooms or accommodation, press releases to publicize and maximize a group's exposure, and in most cases, they assist the staff with the group registration. Official planners contact CVBs to arrange for meetings among tour operators and visitors and other planners. The CVB staffs assist in hosting meetings in their respective cities by reserving meeting space, accommodation, tour visits to local attractions and recreation sites, and more. They also plan for the local tours of the guests (Jones 2006).

CVBs are non-profit organizations that market a destination to the visitors and sell to conventions and meeting planners. Their goal is to promote ...

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The roles of CVB and tourism commissions in the hospitality industry. References are included.