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Ethical Brain Trust- Event Management in Hospitality/Tourism

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Evaluate the importance of the "ethical brain trust"¬Ěconcept in relation to Special Events Management in Hospitality and Tourism. The solution provides a few examples of common ethical issues that might arise and the benefit that an ethical brain trust can provide.

There is one web recource provided for background and additional information.

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This solution discusses why an ethical brain trust can be useful in special events management in relation to hospitality/toursim.

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Note, this is written from the perspective of the event planner/manager. It can also be viewed through the hospitality provider perspective. In this case, the sales rep has the pressure of making sales and has the choice to engage in unethical behaviors (noted below) to encourage sales. In many cases they have the ability to provide items of personal gain to the planner to encourage their business.

An "ethical brain trust" can be a useful and critical resource in special event management, particularly in relation to the hospitality and tourism industries where ...

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