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Explanation of ethical problems

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Special Events Management in Hospitality and Tourism.
Identify common ethical problems in the special events industry and explain how you would avoid those problem areas.

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This solution provides an explanation of ethical problems in the special events industry and explains how they should be avoided. The solution is 401 words in length.

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I think tourism has become one of the world's largest industries and is more and more becoming a political issue. However, tourism is not just an economic transaction for the purpose of maintaining economies. The fact that people travel to another country and come into direct contact with the people there raises a number of ethical issues. "The tourism industry has in some ways addressed some environmental concerns but is not keen to address the social, cultural and economic issues, particularly in relation to developing countries in order to protect its commercial interest"( http://www.tourism-master.nl/2008/10/29/ethical-tourism/). I think some common ethical ...

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