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    The Relationship Between Ethical Issues and Marketing

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    Hi, I need some assistance developing responses to the following questions:

    1. What ethical issues should be considered when planning marketing strategies? What is an example of a real organization that used marketing strategies which caused ethical problems. What are the causes of the problems? What could have been done to avoid them?

    2. Marketing is an inherently dyadic process with both buyer and sellers. Do buyers and sellers have equivalent ethical responsibilities? In other words, is it acceptable for customers to exaggerate, cheat, and lie? Explain how most organizations respond to customers who may not behave ethically.

    3. What is an ethical or legal business issue that was related to marketing and occurred in the last decade. Describe the issue and the discussion surrounding the issue. How has the issue affected the field of marketing?

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    1. The ethical issues that should be considered when planning marketing strategies include ethics in conducting and reporting market research. The market audience should be selected ethically. Vulnerable groups should not be eliminated from the market. Also, the pricing of products should be ethical. Unethical practices such as having a loss leader, or dumping should be avoided. During advertising the content should be ethical and not offensive, delivery channels should be ethical, and deceptive communication should not be used. An example of a real organization that used marketing strategies that caused ethical problems was the marketing of breast milk substitutes in less developed countries by Nestle. The marketing is alleged to have cause unnecessary deaths of infants in poor countries. The causes of the problems was contaminated water used in making ...

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    The response provides you a structured explanation of morality in marketing. It also gives you two relevant references.