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    societal pressures weighing heavy on their ethical decisions

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    How does a leader limit societal pressures from weighing too heavy on their ethical decisions, and uphold the mission of their organization?

    Evaluate the importance of building trust and applying ethical principles to decision making as a leader.

    A few years ago, the Kellogg company decided to phase out some of the food ads directed to children. It has been suggested that Kellogg was being pressured about the ads, cartoons on the cereal boxes, placement of the boxes, and other such promotional activities around the high sugar cereals. Eventually they sided with the community and eliminated these issues.

    In the Kellogg situation what is the relationship between the marketing mix elements of Product and Promotion?

    * What is the impact of this decision on Kellogg products and brand?
    * What is the impact of this decision on the Kellogg promotion plan?
    * Under what conditions should companies promote their products to children under 12?
    * How does Kellogg fulfill corporate social responsibility initiatives?
    * Do you believe Kellogg's decision was guided by sustainable business strategies, management ethics or meeting the needs of their target market or some other consideration?

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