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    What do you think about these two quotes? Just Because It

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    What do you think about these two quotes?

    Just Because It's Legal, Is It Ethical?
    It Seems Right in Theory But Does It Work in Practice?

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    Just Because It's Legal, Is It Ethical?

    -- The guiding principle in business is that what is legal is not always ethical. When companies make decisions, they must do so on the basis of ethics and legality. This is especially true in the field of accounting. There are many decisions that management can make regarding the accounting transactions of a business, to have the business appear in a certain way. This is generally done to impress investors, creditors, or analysts. However, what is legal to do, including manipulating certain financial accounting transactions, is not necessarily the ethical thing to do. When weighing what is legal against what is ethical, it is relatively easy to determine what is legal, because it is what is stated in the law. We have accounting rules and regulations, trading rules and regulations, and various laws in place that dictate the decisions we make in business. However, when it comes to ethics, there are no strict ethical laws. Companies either make ethical decisions, or ...

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    The expert provides their thoughts on legal and ethical quotes. Just Because it's legal is it ethical and it seems right in Theory but does it work in practice is provided.