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Postwar Emerging Issues in Literature

I need some assistance with the following please:

The postwar era was initially a placid one in which life, at least on the surface, seemed placid. By the end of the 1950s and into the 1960s, several undercurrents that were stirring in the previous decade began emerging into the mainstream discussions of America. These included race issues, the questioning of government, and emerging feminism. Select two or more of the authors read this week, and in a 400 to 500 -word paper, analyze how these authors incorporate social issues in their writing. Use specific examples from the reading to support your opinion. No sources beyond the textbook are required, but you may use such sources if you choose. Cite all sources, including the textbook, using APA citation format.The text book is The American Tradition in Literature 11th edition by George Perkins and Barbara Perkins.

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This is sort of difficult to do without your textbook, but I will try to give you some ideas about what you can do. I don't think any of the OTAs are going to go out and get your textbook, or are going to have it on hand unfortunately. You also do not mention the authors you read from in the past week.

In terms of issues beyond the war, there are many to choose from. My idea would be to pick a running theme that went through all of them, and in my mind it was really equality and social justice. People were tired of the government telling them what they ...