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Validity synopsis

What exactly is "validity" in the context of research? How does research using quantitative methods differ from research using qualitative methods in terms of establishing validity?

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Thank you for coming by Brainmass.Com for your homework assistance. These questions are most certainly very valid in order to complete any types of academic and research based writing. For one, "validity" has to do with how legitimate a source is for the purpose of your paper. If you are required to utilize a number of sources and a variety of sources let's say from the Internet, journal articles, books, other types of database...etc, you need to take time to verify that these sources are valid for the topic you are to write about.

To make sure that Internet sources are valid, you need to check and see if the original writer/author's name is available for documenting. The types of websites a research writer should use are only the following types: website ...

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Evidence in this solution proves how research using quantitative methods differs from research using qualitative methods.