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    the theme of religious hypocrisy

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    Pick one of the Hawthorne stories we covered and one of the O'Connor stories we will cover and compare/contrast them in terms of the representation of evil OR the theme of religious hypocrisy.
    Hawthorne stories are:
    Young Goodman Brown, The Ministers Black Veil, and The Birthmark.
    O'Connor stories are:
    A Good Man is Hard to Find, Good Country People, and Revelation

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    As you compare and contrast pieces from O'Connor and Hawthorne, you might examine how the themes of irony and hypocrisy permeate both texts as a possible common ground.

    As you then choose two stories, you might use the satirical ones with "good" in the title since both authors use this term ironically. Thus, if you want to select "Young Goodman Brown," you might look discuss how Hawthorne vehemently expresses his condemnation of society's blindness and arrogance morally and religiously. In other words, this story shows how hypocritical and judgmental society truly is in this book's setting.

    Because Young Goodman Brown is so allegedly pious, he is blind to the truth about life, humans, and even himself. Until his dream encounter, he is disillusioned with his life and his entire world view. What do you think? You might find quotes where this is true.

    Although you did not specify ...

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    The theme of religious hypocrisy in Hawthorne's texts is overviewed.