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    "Salvation" by Langston Hughes

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    Some notes about "Salvation" by Langston Hughes are offered. The theme of the story is also articulated.

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    Please note that I employed both reader response and feminist together. Some areas overlap here in my brainstorming! :)

    To me, reader response is highly applicable here since this piece uses irony to show how sometimes our most indoctrinated, familial, religious, or cultured beliefs sometimes reflect hypocrisy. Although Hughes desperately seeks "Salvation" in order to live a pure life righteously, he finds loops in the logic and sincerity.

    His tone also keeps me interest because it is embedded with humor. Humor is apparent as in "Finally Westley said to me in a whisper: "God damn! I'm tired o' sitting here. Let's get up and be saved." So he got up and was ...

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    "Salvation" by Langston Hughes is explicated briefly using textual evidence to communicate theme.