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    Themes within A Clockwork Orange

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    How is hypocrisy and the conflict of the Individual vs. Society delt with in A Clockwork Orange? What is the filmmaker trying to say about humanity?

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    I see that the theme of hypocrisy is highly prevalent within the film and a major part of its message, plot, characters, etc. In essence, the film strongly envelopes various forms of hypocrisy, namely psychological, emotional, sexual, behavioral, cultural, social, and political in nature.

    As Alex engages in extremely violent sex and rape for purely entertainment purposes, for example, these horrific actions seem to contrast with his cultivated, eccentric, artsy preference for Beethoven. If he is indeed so intellectual and cultured, why is he committing such disgusting moral atrocities? I also deem that his parents' passive acknowledge of his actions also seem to be a bit highly indicative of more societal hypocrisy within the film.

    Beyond that, by aligning Alex as a "droog," it further exemplifies the powerful "nature versus nurture controversy" in psychology and how despite efforts to ...

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    Notes are given to exemplify some themes of hypocrisy and the conflict of the Individual vs. Society within A Clockwork Orange, the film. 600 words of notes are presented.