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The four themes of the ASCA National Model

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Locate a journal article or Web site that describes the four themes of the ASCA National Model. For this discussion, use that information to answer the following questions:

What is your understanding of the meaning of the themes of systemic change, advocacy, leadership, and collaboration?

What are your reactions to these themes as a professional school counselor?

For professional school counselors, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the inclusion of these themes in the ASCA National Model?

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This solution is comprised of over 375 words with references on the ASCA National Model Themes. Includes examples of how these themes help the school counselor meet the needs of the student's as well as work with other professionals in the field of education. This solution also includes the advantages and disadvantages of the ASCA National Themes.

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The ASCA's National Model emphasizes the school counselors role in the development and enhancement of student achievement by focusing on three areas; Personal and social development, academic development and career development. The standards were set so that the school counselor was seen as a member of the academic team which helps all students achieve academic success. The theme of systematic change focuses on the information that is available to school counselors. Studying and using this information allows the school counselor to change the practices and policies that are currently used by the school district. Counselors advocate for students by removing obstacles that ...

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