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An assessment of the principles of the ASCA National Model

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Describe generl experience as a high school student with your school counselors. You are encouraged to include and specific experiences that may be relevant; but if so, be sure not to use the names of individuals or specific schools.

Briefly assess whether and how the major tenets of the ASCA National Model were and were not implemented in your school.

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As a high school student I do not remember many specific experiences with high school counselors. Most of them would help me plan my program for the next school semester as they would do for all other students. While I do remember receiving some emotional support from certain school counselors whenever I faced a problem for the most part I felt that the guidance counselors at my high school seemed to give little thought to student differences, to what was most important to them. I felt that their primary concern was for me and other students to simply fulfill the requirements needed to graduate without giving much thought to helping students ...

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The prinicples of the ASCA National Model are assessed in this solution.

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