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The ASCA Model Delivery System

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The delivery system in the ASCA National Model represents a template used to define the day to day functions of school counselors. According the Gysbers and Henderson (2000), the delivery system comprised of four parts: the school guidance curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, and system support.
For the purposes of your comprehensive school counseling program, you will focus on the school guidance curriculum and responsive services. Based on your needs assessment, address the following questions:
â?¢What are the goals of your classroom guidance program?
â?¢What are the expected outcomes of this program?
â?¢How will you measure the success of your program?
â?¢What are the goals of your counseling group?
â?¢What are the expected outcomes of this group?
How will you measure the success of your group?

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The goals of my classroom guidance program are to ensure that every student has the social and academic support that they need in order to achieve their highest potential in academics. In addition, this guidance program also has the goal of helping students to become aware of their career options, and to start thinking about the career that they may be interested in, and taking the academic path that would give them the best opportunity of obtaining the proficiency needed to succeed in their chosen career field. This guidance program also has the goal of helping students to develop their social skills in a ...

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