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Example of a Mission Statement

Consider the following scenario. You have just been hired as a new school counselor in your district and have been asked to establish a new mission statement for the counseling program. Write a mission statement (no more than one page in length) that addresses the following:
What will the school counseling program do?

What population are you serving? Who are the stakeholders you are serving?

What is the purpose or philosophy of your program? (You can base this on the philosophy of a counseling program in an existing school, such as the school where you hope to complete your internship.)

How will you implement a data-driven school counseling program? How will accountability be demonstrated?

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Keep in mind that I will be giving you guidelines to help you to prepare your own mission statement. This will be an example for you to follow...

1. First of all, let's define a mission statement:
A mission statement is a summary of the aims and values of a company, organization, or individual.
2. Think about yourself in the Counselor position. What values, goals, and elements(entailed in your program) would be important to you and your counseling program?
3. Look at several examples of mission statements from ...

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