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ASCA National Model Reflection

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The ASCA's program model. At this point, what concerns do you have as you examine the ASCA National Model? Reflect on the following questions in your post:

?Is it intimidating to think about all the expectations outlined in the model?

?Is it comforting to know that there is a detailed outline of professional expectations?

?What are your concerns about your ability to follow the ASCA National Model?

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ASCA National Model Reflections are examined. The concerns about your ability to follow the ASCA National Models are determined.

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ASCA National model


The ASCA National Model was developed as a measure to support schools' mission and this is done by facilitating academic achievement, social development and career planning. ASCA (n.d) provides that the model is a framework that provides guidelines to schools on how to design, develop, implement, and evaluate a comprehensive, developmental and systematic counselling program. The model has four components that include foundation, delivery system, management system and accountability.

The foundation provides how students will gain value from school's counselling program based on goals. The foundation provides the program's mission which should align with the school's and district's mission. The delivery system provides activities, methods and interactions required in delivering the program (ASCA, n.d). The delivery system consists of guidance curriculum, ...

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