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How the school counseling profession has developed.

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Identify at least two historical events or processess that:

1) have affected the development and progress of the school conseling profession
2) continue to influence the field

Must include all references

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According to Board (2011) school counseling began at the turn of the 20th century. The social reform movement in the 1890's had many factors that lead to the development of counseling and guidance in the United States. Many individuals were outraged at the use of child labor and the difficulties individuals living in urban slums faced. Frank Parsons a political and social reformer worked with the Civic Service House helping to guide individuals into the workforce and become productive members of society. Parson's work led to the development of the Boston Vocational Bureau (BVB) in the early 1900's. In 1909 the BVB outlined a vocational guidance system in the Boston public schools. The BVB influenced the United States as well as other countries to use vocational services in schools. As this system advanced other concerns were being addressed by school counselors.
World War I brought about the need to assess individuals for leadership positions. The assessments quickly became valuable tools used in the public education system along with vocational guidance. Assessments soon became part of standardized testing in public schools. The 1920's and 30's expanded the role of school counselors by addressing educational, social and personal needs of the students to the counselors agenda. During the depression funding for school counselors was halted until ...

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