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Counselor as Scholar Practitioner

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Describe the role of research in the counseling profession. Next, examine the role that either the Scholar Practitioner Model or the Scientist Practitioner Model serves within the counseling profession. What are the implications for using these models to guide professional practice?

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1. Describe the role of research in the counseling profession.

Research plays an important role in counseling because science plays an important role in developing the knowledge upon which the counseling profession is based (Heppner, Kivlighan, & Wampold (2008). For example, the scientific methods involve empirical tests to establish verifiable facts. The same scientific method is a set of assumptions and rules about collecting and evaluating data that is significant to research. In other words as Heppner et al point out, the philosophical foundations guide our understanding of the world, but also affects how scientist conduct research to increase our knowledge of the relevant for counseling profession, research begins with questions of what brings a client to therapy, next strategies are developed as to how to answer those questions. For instance, a counseling/practitioner's philosophy can influence his or her approach to a particular intervention. The knowledge ...

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This solution describes the role of research in the counseling profession.

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