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    Public Schools

    The term public school refers to primary and secondary publicly funded schools, but can also refer to public post-secondary institutions.¹ Government rather than private entities oversee the funding and the administration of public schools. State education is inclusive in its treatment of students. Schools are also organized and operated as a model of the community in which they functions.¹

    State education is available for all students in most countries. Additionally, it is compulsory for students in most countries to attend school until a certain age, such as age sixteen. In places with high poverty authorities are often relaxed about enforcing compulsory education because children represent valuable family labor.¹

    Some public schools rely heavily on private funding, such as private donations, in order to operate. These schools are still considered public schools because they receive most of their funding from taxation.¹

    Supporters of public education argue that it is necessary in modern society in order to teach individuals how to read, write, and do basic mathematics. Conversely, some libertarians argue that education is better left to the private sector.¹




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