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    Role of Education

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    What do you think the main role of public education ought to be and do you feel that it has taken on roles that may need to be re-evaluated?

    American Education (5th Ed) by Joel Spring

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    The main role of public education should be universal access to all children regardless of socioeconomic status, citizenship, and nationality to an education with high standards and capabilities with the objective for providing students with the knowledge for a good career as well as life. Education should prepare children of all races, ethnicities, from all backgrounds to become good productive members in democracy through teaching them reading, math, arts, and other Jeffersonian philosophies. The role of education should pass down the civic ethical values of society and give students the necessary tools to advance in the 21st century that will be much different than previous generations (de Cos, 2012).

    Public education needs to re-evaluate roles that it HAS NOT taken on particularly the tenets that I aforementioned regarding universal access to all children ...

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