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Role of the Community in Education

Discuss the role of the community in the development and education of young children. Why is it significant for the community to believe that the well-being of society rest on the quality of care, health and education in the early years of life? What has your school done to involve the community toward positive support for children's future success?

This is my research topic. I have a 2000+ word paper to write. Any help with the intro would be great. Obviously the last question is for me to develop, but just wanted to keep it with the topic sentence.

Thanks so much.

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A very effective way of opening this essay would be to find several compelling examples of community involvement in early childhood education. Possible sources can include:


Any anecdotal evidence will create an attention-grabbing introduction.

From there, your intro can become more formal. Using the anecdotal evidence as a springboard, and incorporating Maslow's hierarchy of needs, discuss ...

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This explores the role of the community in the development and education of early children.