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Advocating a Community Program

Provide evidence to convince your classmates why they should assist you in advocating for this program or service.

Discuss which type of advocacy is most appropriate for your program or service, and outline the strategies you would employ to promote it.

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// You are required to define a 'Community Program' and convince others also to assist you. Select any of the community programs of your choice and write some points in its favor. Additionally, there should be some points, which can make it successful. I am taking an example of community program which is related to health. See the text below for an overview: //

Community Program: Establish lifelong health physical activity patterns
Health could be improved with the help of regular physical activities. The risk for the development of chronic diseases in adults could also be reduced by regular physical activities. It is found that the adults in the United States are less physical active than recommended in comparison to children and adolescence. The schools and community programs could help the children and adolescents to establish lifelong health physical activity patterns (Guidelines for school and community programs to promote lifelong physical activity among young people, 1997).
This community program has a significant role in the development of the country and its youth population. The youth is one of the most important assets of a country so everyone should focus on the program to enhance the regular physical activities among youths. Each and every person of the country ...

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