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    Organizational Goals And Ethical Principles

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    Our Mission, Vision, and Values
    Our mission sets a clear focus for our work. Our values define how we carry out the mission. Our vision demands that we consistently and effectively live up to both.

    Our Mission
    Catholic Healthcare West and our Sponsoring Congregations are committed to furthering the healing ministry of Jesus. We dedicate our resources to:

    - Delivering compassionate, high-quality, affordable health services;
    - Serving and advocating for our sisters and brothers who are poor and disenfranchised; and
    - Partnering with others in the community to improve the quality of life.

    Our Vision
    A vibrant, national health care system known for service, chosen for clinical excellence, standing in partnership with patients, employees and physicians to improve the health of all communities served.

    Our Values
    Catholic Healthcare West is committed to providing high-quality, affordable health care to the communities we serve. Above all else we value:

    Dignity - Respecting the inherent value and worth of each person.
    Collaboration - Working together with people who support common values and vision to achieve shared goals.
    Justice - Advocating for social change and acting in ways that promote respect for all persons and demonstrate compassion for our sisters and brothers who are powerless.
    Stewardship - Cultivating the resources entrusted to us to promote healing and wholeness.
    Excellence - Exceeding expectations through teamwork and innovation

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    This organization's goals are to deliver compassionate healthcare services, to deliver healthcare services that are of the highest quality, and to deliver affordable healthcare services. This organization intends to provide healthcare services in a manner that is commensurate with the needs for compassion and understanding, by those served by this organization, this organization is also committed to achieving the goal of delivering its clients very high quality healthcare, which is instrumental in achieving the treatment needs for these individuals. This organization also has the goal of delivering ...

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