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Non-Price Barriers and Pricing Strategy

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1. When using non-price barriers, you might encounter ethically challenging situations. How can an organization maintain market power and align with current values, legal requirements, and ethical standards?

2. Determine pricing strategy to meet organizational goals.

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1. Non-price barriers do present challenges, and it is mainly because the other competitors can't compete on the same level as an organization that is able to use a non-price barrier. Non-price barriers are particularly for new companies entering the industry that are attempting to gain immediate market share. They end up offering vouchers for free products or free services to customers, or they end up capitalizing on advertising in a way that beats the competition, which have oftentimes been long-standing firms in the industry. When companies use non-price barriers, they need to do so while staying in compliance with all trade and commerce laws. This is one of the main reasons ...

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This solution explains how an organization can maintain market power and align with current values, legal requirements, and ethical standards when using non-price barriers. This solution also explains pricing strategy and how to determine pricing strategy when meeting organizational goals.

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