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    Environmental Protection Agency: Performance Tracking

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    Tracking Performance
    Consider the nine principles of sustainability and the corporate sustainability model described in Chapter 1 (as well as in Figure 7.1). Think about the workplace (EPA) you have been describing in the previous discussions. Imagine that you are formulating a sustainability strategy for that organization, which would of course be aligned with the organizational mission and goals.
    • Pick three of the sustainability principles that you would like to see measurable improvement in.
    • What outcomes would you be working towards?
    • For each outcome, identify specific measurable leading indicators and specific measurable lagging indicators that you feel would accurately monitor whether or not improvements were being made in those areas. Identify which indicators are leading and which are lagging.
    Note: You can't measure and report about everything, so be discerning. Explain your rationale. Feel free to focus your work on a specific subset of the organization.

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    Step 1
    The three sustainability principles that I would like to see measurable improvement in are ethics, governance, and transparency. Improvement in these three principles will make Environmental Protection Agency sustainable. I want the EPA to set, promote, and monitor ethical standards and practices. Also, the EPA should manage all its resources conscientiously, and effectively recognizing the fiduciary duty of an important government agency, and there should be adequate and timely disclosures about its products, services, and activities, allowing its stakeholders to make informed decisions.

    Step 2
    The first outcome that I am working towards is that each Environmental Protection Agency inspector should uphold the highest ethical standards when he walks into the premises of business. I ...

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