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    Agency Analysis Identify

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    Identify a public agency - either at the local, state, or federal levels - that has undergone significant change in the last 25 years. You may choose an agency that you have had personal experience with, or you may choose a public agency that you are familiar with from the news or from academic study. Assess the scope of services provided to the public by that agency or department, the growth of the agency in question, or the quality levels of customer service provided by the agency. Discuss the reasons why that agency has changed in this area over the last 25 years, and speculate on the future direction of that agency in the years ahead.

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    The public agency that we have selected is the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA was created in 1970 and brought together several federal programs concerned with different aspects of the environment. During the same year the Clean Air Act was passed by the Congress which required the EPA to set national air standards. The EPA had been created for protecting human health by developing regulations on laws passed by the Congress, and enforcing the regulations. Since its creation the FDA makes environmental assessments, research, and education. It sets up and enforces national standards under environmental laws.

    Over the past 25 years the EPA has grown substantially. During the past 25 year important ...

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