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Environmental Protection

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How the Environmental Protection Agency's policies impact business in the U.S.? Using a specific program, explain whether the program promotes business investments or discourages it?

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Environmental Protection Agency Policies

The Environmental Protection Agency policies discourage businesses to make investments in the US. The Environmental Protection Agency's polices in the US adversely impact businesses in the US. This adverse impact happens because of several reasons. At the inception the decision making process of the Environmental Protection Agency leads to faulty decision making. The Environmental Protection Agency is supposed to estimate the actual harm done by a business based on illegal discharge. The detection of a discharge and its relationship to the damage is not always well established. Further, the determination of threat of significant harm is a subjective process, and the clause on failure to report actual discharge requirement is tenuous. These leads to prosecution or harassment of businesses that are not significant violators of environmental laws;
The decision of what constitutes culpable conduct is also not very logical. The Environmental Protection Agency selects businesses that makes repeated violation, uses circumstantial evidence, and based on data received from the community decides the culpability of a ...

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