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    Environmental Protection and Business Policy

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    Discuss the roles of government, business, and the consumer in environmental protection. Justify your position. Look into environmental protection.

    Select a business you are familiar with and develop an environmental policy statement for that organization. The policy statement must have the following components:

    - Basic policy statement
    - Justification for the policy
    - Those to whom the policy applies
    - How the policy is to be implemented
    - Who is responsible for implementing the policy
    - How the policy will be evaluated
    - Guidelines of the policy

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    Business policy statements are an integral tool that helps the business firm to play a fair role toward the safety and protection of environment. It is the social responsibility of a business organization to follow the ethical business practices, which follow the practices regarding environmental and health protection. Implementation of these kinds of policies, eventually leads the performance of business towards growing path (Rivera & Delmas, 2004).

    This paper will assist the readers to understand the roles of government, business, and the consumer in environmental protection. A part from this, this report will also discuss about the environmental policy statement of Toshiba: an electronic company. By means of the following paper, I am going to summarize the various parameters that are associated with the basic policy statement of Toshiba, policy implementation and evaluation.

    Environmental Protection

    Environmental protection can be discussed as the protection and safety of natural surroundings against the pollutions such as air, land, noise, water, soil, etc. Organizations protect the environment by making policies and procedures, so that the employees work to conserve natural resources by reversing its degradation (Environment Protection, n.d.). Increases in the use of machinery and innovative technologies utilize by industries are one of the main reasons behind environmental pollution. High use of mechanized equipments and apparatus leads pollutions and creates hazardous and unsafe atmosphere for employees as well as civilians (Rivera & Delmas, 2004).

    In order to solve this kind of problems, it is essential for the business organizations to decrease the use of harmful substance that create noise, air, soil and water pollutions. Due to solve these problems, companies make environmental protection policies to create awareness among employees that it is the responsibility of executives as well as subordinate to protect environment (Environment Protection, n.d.).

    Role of Government in Environmental Protection

    In any country, the primary concern of the government is the protection of the environment, so that the government can provide a healthy and pollution free atmosphere to the people. Government plays an important role in the environmental protection and it is essential to take effective and necessary steps to control the loss of biodiversity and global warming (Scorse, 2006). Presently, global warming and loss ...

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