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    Environmental Protection

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    Discuss the roles of government, business, and the consumer in environmental protection. Justify your position. To participate fully in this discussion, you can locate information using the Library's web links and article search engines. Here, you will find links about environmental protection.
    Select a business you are familiar with and develop an environmental policy statement for that organization. The policy statement must have the following components:

    (Business: Photography Company
    Policy: Making use of CD's in order to limit the use of photography paper)

    *Justification for the policy [gives the reason with cited support as needed and appropriate why there ought to be a conscientious effort towards environmental protection]
    Social responsibility, Value to the community, Need to sustain growth, Growing consumer expectations, Increasing market demand in that direction, Supplier demand, Increased governmental expectations, Global forces, By creating such a policy it encourages other firms to step their efforts

    *Those to whom the policy applies
    Posterity, Partners, Stakeholders, Employees, Shareholders, Board of Directors, Managers, Union

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    //Before scripting about the roles of the Government, Business, and the Consumers in environmental protection; it is essential to gain knowledge about the 'Environmental Protection', which further will assist in analyzing the key aspects required to be considered while selecting any factor related to Environmental Protection//

    Environmental Protection: Environmental protection means protecting the environment against the air, water, land, and soil pollution and making policies and procedures to conserve natural resources by reversing its degradation. Pollution in the environment is increasing due to the increased use of machinery in the industries and the use of more mechanized products and equipments. As a result of this, it becomes necessary to protect the environment from the harmful substances that are present in air, water, and soil. (Environmental Protection).

    //Above is the explanation of Environmental Protection. As per the instruction, now I will move towards the role of the Government, Business, and the Consumer in Environmental Protection//

    Role of Government in Environmental Protection: Environmental protection is the primary responsibility of the government of any country. It is necessary for the government to take effective steps in controlling global warming and the loss of biodiversity. These are the main concerned issues in today's world. Some policies and strategies such as restricting or limiting the use of carbon dioxide and the funding of alternative energy resources should be made by the government so that the use of toxic chemicals in the industries can be reduced.

    Today, industries use several machineries ...

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